Greeting 😸 OTQ Studio’s Portfolio Website Has Been New Released.

On: 2021-01-05T13:22:50

Hello, there.

Probably, I guess visitors accessed from ULOCO and Isography want to know whether I’m reliable or not to judge you should use my services or not.

So I’ll teach you what OTQ Studio will do and will provide to you. If you wanna know me, please check this page – OTQ – Profile. I hope this will help.

OTQ Studio is …

OTQ Studio is a digital contents studio specialized in web programming. The member is only me. I create digital contents by myself, in various kinds of such as illustrations, designing, and of course programming.

In addition to that, I ‘m trying to stick to my principles of creating something not depend on a specific language as much as possible.

That’s why OTQ Projects tends to be relating to illustrations for the present.

Under the name of OTQ Studio, I wanna provide something meet people needs, thinking what they wants, and then create something used and known cross the border.

From now on …

Now I’m developing a new web services named “Isography” for bloggers, web managers and web creators. I have no idea whether I succeed in or not at this time, but if I succeed in, I wanna create something entertaining next.

Maybe I’ll update informations about OTQ Project on Facebook.

Thank you for reading all. Bye😸